Writer Luc Deflo died

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The well-known Flemish writer Luc Deflo is last night at the age of 60 died in Mechelen. That report various media. The writer had been seriously ill.

Deflo was a popular author. He made his debut just under twenty years ago with “Naked Souls” (1999), a psychological thriller around the speurdersduo Deleu and Bosmans. With that book, he was also nominated for the Hercule Poirotprijs. In 2008, he won with his book ‘Pitbull’.

Everything together crooked Deflo 35 books, but also plays and scenarios. His psychological thrillers were more than 650,000 copies sold. His most recent thriller ‘Corrupted’ dates back to september.

Luc Deflo was for a long time already sick. At the beginning of this month, he was rushed to the hospital in the hospital, so he had to cancel for the book fair. Last night is the writer surrounded by his family died in the AZ Sint-Maarten in Mechelen. Deflo has a son with his Venezuelan partner and two daughters from a previous marriage.

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