Wöber: ’I will never be a Sergio Ramos’

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Max Wöber flies firmly in Robert Lewandowski of Bayern Munich.

,,Mentally, I am the next step to convert. Maybe I’m still too nice for a defender. It is clear that I was much more aggressive.”

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The Is as an example for Wöber

The aggressive is he harder to learn. ,,That’s difficult if you’re the nice, quiet boy. A player that likes to make jokes and relax. I am really focused, you know, very much even. But I need to be harder in the duels. Sometimes hop, I’m in two minds. There is one hundred per cent start, or my leg to withdraw. I have one choice: full tray.”

“I will never be a Sergio Ramos to be the bad boy on the field. But no one need to fear that I am afraid to duels. I win after all, my most duels. If I have more matches to play, better in my rhythm come, it will only get better.”

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