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What if Sergio Ramos is a cyclist?

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Sergio Ramos, player of Real Madrid, was not punished after a positive doping test. What if he was a cyclist?

No fuss. No public pillory. No openness of affairs. While a soccer star is caught on the use of doping.

In The Standard was last weekend, to read that Sergio …

No fuss. No public pillory. No openness of affairs. While a soccer star is caught on the use of doping.

In The Standard was last weekend and read that Sergio Ramos, defender of Real Madrid, was positively tested after the Champions League final of 2017. ‘People try and take my career to break’, responded to Ramos in the Spanish press. “I am 250, maybe 300 times tested in my career, and never was there anything to worry about.’

Ramos got the day for the final a prohibited painkiller administered, which the clubarts of Real nothing reported to the doping control after the finals. That had meant. The Uefa asked for clarification, got the doctor to hear that he is in all the euphoria (the Spanish king suddenly came within) two agents to each other had been achieved and closed the case. Be henceforth more careful, was the message of the European football association to Real.

Cycling has its whereabouts

What if Ramos cyclist had been? That sport in the previous decades so tarnished that the antidopingreglementen just as rigid as the public opinion. Someone who tests positive, will be punished. Caught is caught.

Other than the soccer, the cycling of his whereabouts: where are you? When? How late? Drivers report everything so that each moment can be tested, anywhere. Also, if you’re at a ceremony, such as Pieter Serry at the beginning of november. He felt in his own words a prisoner with an ankle bracelet to. Tour winner Chris Froome was never officially punished after his suspicious blood values in the Vuelta of 2017. But morally it was the punishment is irreversible: in the Tour de France, he was booed on every street corner.

In athletics, they are just as rigid. The Dutch hurdler Gregory Sedoc it was in 2011, a year suspended after three checks had missed. Not because he had used. He missed the Games in London a year later.

Benefit of the doubt

In the world of football are corruption and matchfixing labeled as a problem. But when doping is much less the case. There are very few things known and in addition there is the perception that a player is individually very low doping, because teammates, the game can still screw it up.

The reflex action when in doubt is also different in football. Dopingzaken are often co-nietesverhalen. A battle between the authorities and an athlete who is aware of no evil says. In the world of cycling is that battle quickly, to the detriment of athletes. In football it is rather the other way around.

But Ramos was already not in the rules, reported Der Spiegel. In a duel in Spain, he decided to shower before he had to pee, while the present dopingcontroleur explicitly said that the rules prohibited. Even then there were no consequences.

That the rules in football is always more flexible, and is a misunderstanding. Also associations are bound by the code of the world anti-doping agency Wada, which means that there is a clear positive test, the same system operates as in other sports. And the punishment is the same.

Think of the Dutch footballer Kevin van Essen. In may 2015 tested the midfielder of eerstedivisieclub Telstar positive. Furosemide, as it was called diuretic means that controllers in his urine found. No substance where you are better of going to play football. But: the agent is forbidden because of the presence of other prohibited substances can mask.

Essen didn’t. He had the pills swallowed, bought in the supermarket. The Dutch football association KNVB, saw no intent. Did that not affect his suspension: two years.

In Essen – nowadays, plasterer went according to the guidelines. Real star Ramos.

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