Vialli seriously ill

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Gianluca Vialli

Vialli is now 54 years old, but we know him mainly from his periods at Juventus and Chelsea. The Italian striker scored 21 times in three seasons for the Blues, where he is in his last season player-coach. Vialli would then immediately head coach of Chelsea and five prizes of tackle, before, in 2001, to Watford, to move.

At Juventus he put out in 1996 and the Champions League in the air, after a final win against Ajax. Vialli made the switch to Turin, after a wonderperiode at Sampdoria. With it, he won, among others, the europa cup 2 in 1990 and the Serie A in 1991. He was a deadly aanvalsduo with current Italian coach Roberto Mancini.

Vialli won the 1996 Champions League after a win at Ajax

But now Vialli so sick. He has cancer, so he told Corriere della Sera. “I now feel good though, very good even,” said the Italian. “It is now one year ago. But I’m still not sure how this contest is going to end.”


Vialli underwent eight months of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiotherapy. “I prefer not to done, but it was not different. Then I realized that this is a phase in my life is that I have to endure with courage and that is something I can learn. I knew that it would be difficult to tell you this against others, especially my family. You want the people you love does not hurt: my parents, my brothers and my sister, my wife Cathryn, our little girls, Olivia and Sofia.”

“It gives you a sense of shame,” Vialli. “As if it is your fault. I wore a sweater under my shirts so that nobody would notice. That I still Gianluca was that they knew. And when I decided to my story, to write in a book. I hope that my story other people who are struggling can be inspired. You don’t need to win in life, but think of it as a winner. So I hung a post-it to my wall with: We are the product of our thoughts. That helped.”

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