Universal Music into the sea, with a Pregnant Guy

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Universal Music Belgium / Top Notch Belgium welcomes the Brussels rapper Pregnant Guy in their musical artiestenfamilie. Four seasons, three regions, two eyes and a Pregnant Guy, atom from a five-sided element that destruction sows and harmoniously connects.
Guy worries as a midwife, is tapped as a Rolex. The David Beekkant of the pleintjesvoetbal, blow that whistles like a fog horn, Scrabblekoning of the Brussels Low-class, James bond of the sans connerie. You don’t see, what he is not!

Gorik van Oudheusden alias Pregnant Guy was as part of NITROGEN is known in the Brussels hiphopscène and is now one of the protagonists. With his first mixtape, Maternity leave Full. 3, he established himself as a Pregnant Guy on the map. The sequel, his first full-fledged solo album, is scheduled for march 2019. “Gorik pt.1′, a heartbreaking story about black youth, leads Pregnant Guy now, which was released in. “You can keep this to yourself, or you can show them to the outside. I’m starting to rap by, or through, the problems that I’ve experienced.”

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