Tygo Gernandt scores with EO-drugsshow

9e6bc53982ab07032460f4d0e544d486 - Tygo Gernandt scores with EO-drugsshow

Tygo Gernandt

For the EO tries to Tygo to find out how it is possible that Brabant young people flocking GHB use. “I’m especially grateful that I have such a program to create and can show how very GHB problem in the Netherlands”, said Tygo in the AD about Tygo in the GHB, that by the EO is described as plattelandsdrama. “You see the pain in these young people.”

Tygo laid it against master Frank Visser, who again ruled on SBS6 and thus 819.000 viewers attracted. He drew more attention than Kroongetuige, that only 319.00 viewers to RTL 4 attracted and thus outside the huge success top 25.

The top of Monday being driven by the NOS Journaal 20: 00 hours, that 1.999.000 viewers attracted. The world runs by (1.286.000) and the NOS Journaal 18: 00 (1.133.000) make the top three complete.

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