The week of the fries in About Food

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It is ‘Week of the French fries’. About food to let that opportunity just pass by and dive into a new episode of the frietkot. Kobe and Danira come after analysis together with the experts to know about our coveted fries and frikandel.

A downside to our Belgian pride?
French fries are the Belgian symbol par excellence. Nowhere in the world are French fries fried as we do and nowhere they are of course as good as us. But our beloved golden French fries from the deep fryer come hand in hand with a problem. Scientists warn of acrylamide, a substance that is formed during the baking process, and that may be a carcinogen. Europe has a solution, but there are shop-owners will not benefit. “Then they taste nowhere”, sounds the.

Is that a speck of dust in the fries that we home bake? Kobe and Danira get French fries at people’s homes and let them analyze. Professor voedingschemie Bruno De Meulenaer know how to tell you how to make fries need to bake so that they are tasty and low in acrylamide.

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