Tamera Mowry is back on tv after a loss to niece

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Tamera Mowry

The presenter, who in the ’90s with twin sister Tia became known with the comedy Sister, Sister, cried in the program to stricter arms legislation.

Shortly after the shooting on 7 February in a bar in Thousand Oaks, asked Tamera and her husband, former televisieverslaggever Adam Housley, via social media, help in finding the 18-year-old Alaina, the daughter of Adam’s brother. The girl was in the bar when a 28-year-old man opened fire and was the only one of its vriendinnengroep who could not flee. The following day, Tamera and Adam in a statement to know that Alaina is indeed one of the twelve deceased victims.

“Alaina was very sweet, welcoming and kind people. But they also loved a debate. And they would like it that I questioned,” said Tamera, who Alaina met when the girl was five. “It is clear that something must be done to this gun violence. And it doesn’t matter to me as I’m on all the doors of the White House should be pounding to get it.”

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