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Stoffel Vandoorne after his last F1 race: “a Lot of politics at McLaren”

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According to our fellow countryman, Stoffel Vandoorne played there at the McLaren F1 team a lot of political games. In addition, it believes Vandoorne is that he was at some moments of the team, not enough support was given.

After two very difficult seasons at McLaren takes Vandoorne farewell to Formula 1 and makes the transition to the Formula E, the electric counterpart of the Formula 1. For Vandoorne starts in a new chapter in his autosportcarrière but prior to that looked he back on his time in F1 with McLaren.

Political games
“You have seen nothing of what goes on behind the scenes that happened, all the political games,” said Vandoorne, as opposed to ‘La Dernière Heure’.

“I can’t tell you everything but maybe you can imagine. Personally, I have not, however, regret, I’ve done my absolute best.”

Another striking statement of Vandoorne is that he believes the lack of support from the team to have gotten, especially when there are doubts came.

Lack of confidence
“What I, at certain times, the most missed was the feeling that the team me trusted. It is not always easy to achieve and the best you can do when you know that they are at the same time with other riders to negotiate. However, I have not given up and ended the season with some good races.”

In the middle of december appears Stoffel Vandoorne at the start of his first race in Formula E. Vandoorne, however, remains connected to the F1 by his role of simulatorrijder at the Mercedes F1 team. Some argue now is also the question of whether we Vandoorne will ever see in the Formula 1.

“I don’t know. Sometimes life surprises in store. Perhaps we’ll see each other ever again,” decided Vandoorne.

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