SOS Piet must go under the knife

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Next week is Piet Huysentruyt to see in That House, and it promises to be another emotional episode. This week Piet Huysentruyt in Day All, and therein we read that the chef will go under the knife. “I am completely worn out”, is the title that attracts our attention. Piet recently went to the doctor because he suffers from his shoulder and there was the cook, not good news: an operation urgently. “I’m already literally bent of the work. I have just come from the doctor, to see. I have a syringe in my shoulder, and in march I have to go under the knife. The doctor said: “Thou art worn out”. This is due to the hard work of the past 40 years. When I was a few years ago diabetes was, I asked him ‘Why me?’. Alas, I have too much of life enjoyed but he also said that the heavy physical work and the stress the disease causes. Fortunately Piet rely on his son William that a large part of the work in Likoké.

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