Soof 2 favourite season of Anneke Blok

3fa75802a722821dd746df75c7b005c6 - Soof 2 favourite season of Anneke Blok

’Fascinating’, is said to Block the stormy developments of her character in the Videolandserie. “The second season even more than before about human emotions, make choices, be in trouble. Each character is to do something which the viewer will ask: ’where hits that well again in the line?’. The biggest thing Hansje is going to happen this season is the arrival of her ex, the father of Soof. She has him, never seen and won’t know who he is.”

This ex Eddie, a role of Bert Luppes, takes the life of the fiancée and We are pretty messed up. He is a hippie and renegade, and the opposite of Hansjes fiance Gerrit, a role of Dick van den Toorn. Anneke: “It is very intriguing. Eddie enters suddenly into the life of Hansel. Therefore, all those feelings of the past back. That the screenwriters very nicely written. From small scenes, not at all expanded, you can feel how their life used to be. My two men, Gerrit, and Eddie, are totally different in life. That also makes it fascinating. What’s Time for, what is it more attractive? Here she comes slowly behind.”

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