Shawn Mendes is candid about his sexuality

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The Canadian singer Shawn Mendes has openly spoken about his sexuality in an interview with the magazine Rolling Stone. “Sometimes I want to be seen with a girl to prove that I am gay”, what it sounds like.

The “Treat You Better”singer says that he sometimes has trouble with the turbulent world of showbiz life. So he would regularly have panic attacks, something he also sings in his song “In My Blood”.

Also for many years speculated about the sexuality of the singer. On the internet various memes about his orientation the round. Further posted Taylor Swift a video on social media where Mendes wearing make-up, making the ball even more to the roles went. In an interview with Rolling Stone refutes the Canadian now the gossip. “I would like to say that I don’t care, but that is not true,” says the singer. “Sometimes I want to be seen with a girl to prove that I’m gay.”

“I know deep down that being gay is not bad, but something in me thinks sometimes it is. I hate that piece of myself,” he continues. Mendes admits that he comments about his sexual orientation followed, and on the basis of his behavior change. So he tries to get his legs not to cross it during interviews because some people think that this female happens.

The young singer stressed that no difference would make whether or not he is gay. “It is a sensitive issue,” says Mendes. “You have really lucky that I’m gay, because I would be terrified to get out of the closet.” He also explains that he grew up with fifteen cousins, and therefore always was busy with make-up and nail Polish. “I am perhaps a little feminine, but that’s just how I am,” concludes the twenties.

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