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RTL-the face blow-off after “unacceptable statements” about yellow bibs

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The French-language television broadcasting company RTL ‘stops the cooperation with opiniemaakster Emmanuelle Praet. The decision comes after Praet a controversial ruling on the so-called ‘yellow shirts’ had done in the tv program “C’est pas tous les jours dimanche’.

Sunday took Emmanuelle Praet representatives of ‘yellow shirts’ who were present in the show C’est pas tous les jours dimanche on the grain by them to indicate that they are ” always for the same people had voted in Wallonia’. ‘Ecolo has for the last elections made a leap, all the taxes you pay are milieutaksen, so think a little bit after the next elections, ” said Praet.

Then she was suspended by RTL, which explicitly distance took of the ‘excessive statements’. “In times of “fake news”, this may be the distrust of the citizens towards the institutions, including the news media, but only strengthen what is unacceptable is for the board of directors of RTL,” she said

That suspension was immediately reactions, also in Flemish politicians.

‘Wrong signal!’, schreeft Gwendloyn Rutten (Open VLD) on Twitter. “Every politician, hear, and read analyses about himself, his/her ideology or party error or confrontational. Since deal with belongs to the liberal democracy. If you do not agree, you ask wederwoord. No suspension.’

State secretary for Asylum and Migration Theo Francken went a step further. According to him, demanded co-president of Ecolo Jean-Marc Nollet and Zakia Khattabi the dismissal of Praet. ‘They got her scalp on a silver platter’, tweette he. Khattabi does not agree with his response. Ecolo asked for a “denial of the misinformation” after the statements of Praet, but not the dismissal of the opiniemaakster. According to Khattabi measure Francken, ‘the methodology of the extreme right’.

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