Richard Simmons will find settlement in ’smaadzaak’

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Richard Simmons

Richard Simmons wanted to the magazine last year to sue for libel, but the court in Los Angeles did not follow. The court ruled that someone falsely described as transgender ’is no hatred, contempt, ridiculisering or insult.” The court decided that Simmons not a trial could begin. In the eighties and nineties is very popular afvalgoeroe signed after an appeal.

Fitnessgoeroe Richard Simmons is living a retired life. He has, since February 2014, not seen in public. In 2016 discontinue rumors head on that Simmons is no longer in the public shows because he is a woman. “I feel called to this lies right to convert. Although I am not in transition, I am always in solidarity with those who travel this undergo,” he said there earlier on.

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