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Racing Genk want as many fans as possible to bekerduel in Charleroi and comes with a nice initiative: it pays the tickets themselves

Supporters of KRC Genk who their favorite team would encourage the bekerduel on the field of Charleroi, do not pay for their ticket. The Limburg club gets a thousand places at the disposal and are committed to the tickets themselves.

Charleroi and Genk will meet next week Wednesday (5 december) in the Stade du Pays of the Karolo’s.

“No obvious displacement, on a weekday, in a very busy match schedule,” says Genk Tuesday in a press release. “We get to 1,000 places in the Stade du Pays de Charleroi, and which 1.000 places we want to fill! Our supporters groups to ensure buses and coordination. KRC Genk have to pay the tickets.” The cost of the bus to the fans, however, have to bear.

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