’PSV is not busy with Feyenoord’

d20f0792e41874d84102c8a688648169 - ’PSV is not busy with Feyenoord’

Mark Van Bommel

The trainer is with PSV close to elimination from Europe, but that makes the encounter with the Spaniards to the opinion of Van Bommel is not less important.

“We never keep account with the game after this”, the coach said Tuesday at the Philips stadium. “We are always busy with the next duel. We have previously also the away game against FC Barcelona, while we the Sunday after against Ajax had. When we have not taken into account. Maybe you can say: you are off in the Champions League. There you have absolutely right. But we make no distinction.”

PSV after four rounds in group B of the Champions League by one point. The Locals stand three points behind at number three Tottenham Hotspur, Wednesday in London against Internazionale plays. The Italians have seven points and FC Barcelona (already certain of a place in the eighth finals) ten. PSV in the eredivisie, five points ahead in Ajax, close the group stage next month in Milan against Inter.

“We’re going to do everything to make this race”, said Van Bommel. “That is every time our starting point. But in the Champions League not. The reality is that we are well able to fend off against European top clubs. In my eyes include Barcelona, Tottenham and Inter all to the European top.”

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