PSG, however, with stars against Liverpool

653903af20be6ccb507cb875ee2d24b0 - PSG, however, with stars against Liverpool

Neymar and Mbappe watched PSG – Toulouse (1-0) even from the stands

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PSG holds Neymar and Mbappé on the side

The German coach kept both attackers last weekend in the league as a precaution on the side. The Brazilian and a Frenchman, both came with minor injuries back of interlandverplichtingen. Neymar struggled with a spierverrekking in his rechterbovenbeen, Mbappé had suffered a bruise to his right shoulder.

In the Champions League have PSG, with five points from four duels of the basin to the knock-out stages. Liverpool and Napoli have six points, Red Star Belgrade does with four points also in abundance.

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Van Dijk full of confidence: “I know of no fear’

The match between PSG and Liverpool starts Wednesday in Paris at 21.00 hrs.

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