Police alert, but no smgs at christmas market Cologne

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COLOGNE – The Monday started a christmas market in Cologne, germany this year, a slightly different picture. Agents while waiting, but will not by default available on the market with submachine guns like in 2017 to be the case.

The christmas market of Cologne, a day after the attack on the christmas market in Berlin in 2016.

The local police wants to emphatically be present but not openly zwaarbewapend, reports the German newspaper Bild.

Nevertheless, there are sufficient safety measures, assure the authorities. “Machine pistols kept within easy reach, but the colleagues will not directly bear.” Should the security situation change they will respond and they will be again fastened.


The city also has the number verkeersversperringen reduced. Five large, against trucks, remain. Mobile teams will if it is necessary to intervene. The extra security measures since the attack with a truck on a christmas market in Berlin in december 2016. That took twelve lives.

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