Night boating on the canals shall not be more

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AMSTERDAM – To the increased hustle and bustle on the canals of Amsterdam to tackle, is the municipality with a new vaarbeleid. So it is in the course of next year, are prohibited between 23.00 hours and 07.00 hours on the canals in the town to sail.

Boats in the evening in the canals of Amsterdam.

Also, should boats not more than twelve men on board, unless a licence is requested. At mooring of tour boats going to the stewards to ensure the quiet in and out.

In addition, the number of licences for passenger transport with a maximum of 550 bound. That there are eighty more than now. The permits will be re-divided among existing and new providers, and the new system should be in 2022 to go in.


That space created by the municipality of strand is going to take action against illegal passenger transport market. Which consists of 300 boats of which there are eighty commercial with large groups of sail. By using the momentum to pick up, it is quieter on the water, explains a spokesperson of the responsible alderman Sharon Dijksma (water).

The city of Amsterdam, shall adopt measures for, because there are always more dangers. The inconvenience in doing so has also increased: the number of notifications in this respect is between 2015 and 2017 with 30 percent.


This beautiful heritage centre in our city will, unfortunately, not always the love and attention it deserves. With this new policy, we can bring change. We want to use the nuisance reduction and the rest a little bit back. That is good for residents, entrepreneurs and visitors,” let Dijksma know.

The city council must still say it.

Early next year the councillor with further proposals, for example, on embarking and disembarking points, docks and freight on the water.

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