Nick and Simon under the impression of a journey Malawi

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In Malawi met Nick & Simon, the girl Funny, one of the girls who Now a schoolfiets was because they far from school lived. They are riding to go to her house. Nick and Simon: “We cycled on a dirt road full of holes, the cars raged past us. It is hard to imagine that Funny used every day, running did. It took her two hours. Funny will get thanks to Edukans also a fair. This smart girl touched us with her story, with a lump in our throats we drove to her village. Funny will come.”

On Instagram, writes Nick in a photo of a school class: “Malawi is partly due to the lack of a port and raw materials, one of the poorest countries in the world. The standard of living is poignant. With dedicated locals, hopeful projects is as much difference made, lives are changed by the children, simply to offer the opportunity to go to school.”

The school drop-out in Malawi is great. Only a third of the children saves it to group 8. With more than a hundred children are the classes crowded and there is a distressing lack of well-trained teachers.

Nick and Simon are already almost ten years the ambassador of the development organization for education. In 2010 they traveled to Ethiopia in 2013 to Kenya.

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