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New series of Tom Lenaerts soon to be seen on One

d3d0fd4664ddba7e6200ff0eed5c86a8 - New series of Tom Lenaerts soon to be seen on One

The long-awaited fiction series About water , Tom Lenaerts and writer Paul Baeten Gronda will be from 16 december to Sunday evening will be broadcast on the channel One.

One and production house Panenka introduced Tuesday morning the long-awaited psychological dramareeks About water . This series is written by Tom Lenaerts and Paul Baeten Gronda and is available from Sunday 16 december to see One.

Water revolves around the character John Beckers, a forgotten tv star. He was during his glory days as the darling of the Flemish living rooms on the small screen and the audience, locked him in the heart. But the success had a price: heavy addictions to alcohol and gambling dragged John to a dark valley, and he lost almost everything he had built.

John gets from his wife and two children, a last chance. After a stay in the rehabilitatiekliniek go John started work at his father-in-law, who is in containertransport. The tv star goes for the port work and that comes with trial and error. Until he through a bad zakenadvocate in a new world and realizes that he has the port for him.

The fiction series shows how an addict man with good intentions however, wrong choices can make it, and how he in this way grows out of a green newcomer to a key player in the lucratiefste, but also by far the most dangerous trade of the Antwerp docks.

The ten-part series is set in the city of Antwerp and the port. The cast includes Tom Dewispelaere, Tom Van Dyck, Kevin Janssens, Natali Broods, Jeroen Perceval, Evgenia Brendes, Jef Hellemans, Violet Braeckman and Ruth Becquart.

The series was presented at Film Fest Gent. The festival showed the first two episodes of the One series.

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