New attack on Trump at Mueller

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WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump has a new attack is launched on the special investigator Robert Mueller. The former head of the FBI is investigating the possible links between the campaign team of Trump and Russia in the run-up to the presidential election of 2016.

Former campaign manager of Trump, Paul Manafort.

Mueller acts “evil” and “ruining lives” for people to punish those who refuse for him to lie, tweeted Trump Tuesday. “Wait until comes out how terribly mean and malicious they are treating people, their lives ruin because they refuse to lie.”

A day earlier, the special investigator that the former campaigner of Trump, Paul Manafort, a lie would have to the researchers in the Russian research.


Manafort was closed in september to a deal with justice. He admitted guilt in a few criminal charges and pledged to cooperate with the investigation. That Manafort has lied is not published.

Without the name of Manafort to use tweeted Trump Tuesday that the special investigator biased and “lots of damage to the judicial system. Where he was only to one side watching and not to the other. Heroes will arise, and that will Mueller are not.”

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