Natives are seen with body of murdered evangelist

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PORT BLAIR – The attempts to the body of the natives, murdered evangelist John Allen Chau back from the remote island of North Sentinel are tentative still. Authorities do not know what they can do to without bloodshed the body of the American of the island.

All Chau had gifts brought for the islanders.

The 26-year-old missionary from the U.S. was last week killed by members of a tribe that is isolated from the “civilization” on the island life. North-Sentineleiland, located in the bay of Bengal roughly between India and Thailand, is a restricted area. Nevertheless wanted All the natives, who are under more and more in contact with potential diseases want to avoid, convert to christianity.


Last Thursday a ship of the Indian coast guard with on board anthropologists and government officials to the island dangers, the situation inventory and a plan to formulate.

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Tuesday was again a boat to the area sent. Observers saw that members of the tribe of the body to move. “We know in which direction the body is moved, but the precise location we do not know.” In the past often tried to make contact with the islanders, but each time was answered with violence.

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A native aimed his bow and arrow at a helicopter from the authorities in India.


The authorities also face a dilemma. On the one hand, there must be a murder case be investigated, but on the other hand is also part of a protected tribe.

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In 2006, two fishermen were killed by the natives. After a long debate knew the police one body to pick back up. Another victim is buried on the island.


From a diary of All shows that he day before his death, he also already had tried to reach this island. Shortly after he by fishermen was deposed, he was with bow and arrow shot and hit on the flight. During the escape, shot the natives, inter alia, an arrow right through his waterproof bible. Nevertheless, he tried it a day later again, with fatal consequences.

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