Man dies after nurses and a lung wash with detergent

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SALFORD – A 68-year-old man died after a huge medical mistake. His lungs were flushed with cleaner instead of saline solution. That saline actually had his body clean.

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William Hannah was since september at the Salford Royal Hospital in the Uk after he was hit by a car. The man walked quite a brain injury, a number of serious injuries and several fractures.

The patient was quickly transferred to the intensive care unit and on a breathing apparatus attached. William then developed a lung infection and because of this his breathing difficult, he had to immediately go under the knife. During the noodingreep went wrong: the man died after hospital staff his lungs were stranded with a persistent detergent in place of a mild saline solution.

From examination of the hospital showed that the trolley with supplies for the surgery was not sufficiently filled, so reports The Telegraph. Then she asked a surgeon to a nurse for the saline to pack. A small amount of liquid was then in the lungs. But the bottle without a label filled with a detergent solution.

’No respect, and compassion’

The medical error, the family of William to his own words, destroyed. “This was an excellent hospital, but it made an incredible mistake,” says his daughter. “We were also not the respect and compassion that we during the investigation had expected.”

The law firm JMW in Manchester is currently investigating the care of mr Hannah in the run up to his death. The substantive handling of the case stands for February on the role of Bolton Coroner’s Court.

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