Macron look at increasing fuel prices

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The French president Emmanuel Macron has his tone changed compared to the yellow bibs. Saturday, he spoke of a ‘disgrace’, Tuesday he talking about ‘victims’. Macron wants to the increase of fuel prices in the future review.

“What I remember of the demonstrations by the yellow shirts, is that we have our course does not have to give up, but the way of working must change.’ Macron wants, with the increase of the fuel prices to take into account the evolution of the fuel prices. This means that there is no (or little) additional taxes on fuel will come as soon as the fuel prices on the rise.

‘At the same time with the increase of the tax on fuel, as voted by the parliament, there was an increase of the world prices of fuels. We need to develop a methodology for us against such phenomena and to protect the increase of the tax to adapt to the evolution of the prices’, says Macron.

The belastingstijging must in other words be adapted to the oil market. ‘I desire within the next three months to develop a methodology to make the taxes even more intelligent. That tax today is a bit blind. I will, every quarter, to make an appointment to schedule the consequences for citizens to soften.’

“What this crisis is a little says, is that our answers, too abstract, too far from the bed, uniform’, says Macron. ‘People say that they ‘suffer’, they are talking about the ‘energy check’, but they don’t know what it is. In concrete terms, I also not. We need things tangible, simple enough, make concrete.’


‘Since a few weeks there is a protest movement against the fuel price in our country has grown’, opened Macron the press conference. “This movement has to large demonstrations led, but also to unacceptable violence.’ The French president says that he is the violence of los notice of the protest. “I don’t confuse the rioters with the citizens who have a message to impart.’

Macron wishes to repeat his speech once again that it is clear that France too little has been done to respond to the global warming. “I’m not talking about citizens, but about the leaders. About the people that others can engage. They that, if there is not enough veranders, the responsibility is that environmental damage is added to our economic and social debts – totally of a different nature.’

The president said explicitly that the government do not believe is going to change, despite the protest, because the truth should not be altered’. Macron has – in contrast to earlier responses – or ear, for the anger of the protesters. “I have the problems for those who drive a lot and find it difficult to get seen. They say that it’s always the same people that make efforts and they are right. We have them in this situation driven. They are not the perpetrators, but the first victims’, says Macron.

Macron thinks that he has the same wants as the protesters: the social and ecological inequalities fight. “I want the citizens energy ensure that it is sufficiently inexpensive and sufficiently clean’. The central goal of the president: fossil energy sources ban.

The president emphasised that there is therefore urgently ” a new, more productive, educational and social model’ should be built in the republic. The first step is to reduce energy use.

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