Maarten Heijmans took the role to Elise Schaap

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Maarten Heijmans

“I say the last time not so often ‘yes’ on my part, but more on my teammates,” explains Maarten for the camera of the ANP. “And Elise was attached to it and I think its a very good, fine actress. So basically I said to her really ’yes’.”

In What, then, is love play Maarten and Elise polar opposites. Both of them are lawyers specialized in divorces, but they have a very own approach. “Cato is really a mediator,” says Elise about her character. “An idealistic lawyer who believes that people are civilized from each other. Gijs, played by Martin, has a very different idea about it. That is simply: you have to drive in, you have to litigate, people for the court to drag.”

Throughout the film prove to be Gijs and Cato, who compete for the partnership of their law firm, the better to find than first appears. “The film is about the clash between them,” says Maarten. “And their attraction and repulsion.”

Crème de la crème

Where Maarten chose for his tegenspeelster, went to Elise for her character. “What I like about Cato is that it is a very down to earth person, that she is a very rational idea about love. So totally not a romantic girl that every once in katzwijm. A very down to earth, practical type. That I had never played before, so I thought: yeah, nice.”

Elise has high expectations of the film, which is only next year december in the cinemas appears, because each role is so well occupied, down to the smallest role’. “There are so incredibly many good people, people against whom I opkijk. How to play Beppie Melissen my mother, René van ’t Hof, my father, Michiel Romeyn my boss, Anneke Blok, m a secretary, Maike Meijer m’n sister… that are really komediekanonnen. It really is the crème de la crème, really yummy.”

In preparation for their roles, spoke to Maarten and Elise with lawyers and they visited the court in Amsterdam. “I thought that was very interesting to see, because I have never experienced anything like this in real life. I found it actually a very exciting Netflix episode of three quarters of an hour in which the decision is reached,” says Elise about the case that they attended.


Maarten wondered especially about the routine that he saw the judges and lawyers.”In rechtbankdrama is always exciting, there is quite a lot on the game. That is also called so, but it is for those people also just work. Especially for a judge who is a number of things each day, with. That is about the lives of people, but one after the other. I thought that was a special and emotional to see.”

Also Paul Groot and Owen Schumacher prepared themselves thoroughly for their roles in What is love. The (dolls ‘ heads)-duo has a supporting role, that of the partners of the law firm. “Spoke with people in the real estate, a snuffelstage, cases attended, records gevreten, a psychiatric hospital and visited…”, jokes Paul. “You see, I do not go over one night ice.” Owen was already prepared to take on the role of a lawyer. “I’ve got four years, studied law for this function, it was only a joke.”

The men find it “fun” and “a terrific honor” to be on the set. “With (dolls’ heads) was actually always very hurried work,” recalls Owen. “We did it all in that week itself, and this is really extracted. Beautiful sets, a lot of people, people who are really in advance to have an idea about how it all should go see and do not survive on the set.”

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