Lost wallet returned with extra money: ’a Lot of fun with it!’

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LAS VEGAS – Normally hopes that the finder of a wallet on a reward. But an American who lost purse back, only forward.

The note from the honest finder of the wallet.

It gave Hunter Shamatt (20) for a few days already quite a lot of stress and headache. He had his wallet, including bank cards and money, lost in Las Vegas, reports The Washington Post.

When Shamatt got back home in Brandon was there, to his great joy a package waiting for him. His scholarship was still intact. “I thought that you’ll want to return. The best’, there was a note from the anonymous finder. ’P. S. I have your cash money up to $ 100 so that you can celebrate that you your wallet back. A lot of fun!’


Shamatt and his family were dumbfounded by the generous gift. There was $ 60 in his wallet when he lost. In an effort to the honest finder to get in touch, placed his mother a photo of the note on Facebook.

That photo is thousands of times shared, and had result. One Todd Brown from Omaha, turns out the finder, but he does prefer to stay in the shelter. So he thanked for an interview with The Washington Post.

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