KNVB invites top OT off

06476db6d3776d58995967d89b526f8f - KNVB invites top OT off

Peter van Ooijen (right) receives a red card by referee Jeroen Manschot.

After the red card of Peter van Ooijen refused trainer Maurice Steijn any comments. Because his response could be taken into account in the penalties. He also found that the top clubs – read Feyenoord – a dash for the prosecutors and judges in sacramento.

Steijn had been more often in the clinch with Zeist, but the pinnacle, he found that defender Roel Janssen an additional match suspension (three to four) in the appeal case was because the trainer said that it was a stupid and rash violation was of Janssen against Alexander Bannink.

“I understood the red card though Kik Pierie for the same violation against PEC Zwolle, only a yellow was given. Because it is not consciously went in, we signed an appeal against three matches suspension and then my comments as evidence, used to have a competition there.” Hence, said Steijn nothing about the, in his eyes, incidentally, deserved red card for Van Ooijen after a rash charge on Adam Maher. “Otherwise, there is also a game.”

VVV is already agreed with two duels unconditional suspension. The clubleiding of the People are tired of randomness. That Robin van Persie after a red card will be acquitted because he is a piece of jewelry is for the football and Feyenoord is a great lawyer and others get heavy suspensions.

In Zeist is the criticism of VVV-Venlo in the fertile earth of cases and parties will together take to the air to do the job.

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