Kaj Gorgels wants Expedition Robinson present

88c71423570c27c166dc3d1fd614da35 - Kaj Gorgels wants Expedition Robinson present

That tells the YouTuber this week in Viva. Another dream of Kaj, a private theatre show, has been released and Temptation Island Vips that he presented is given according to the 28-year-old probably due. “That’s insane, scored well. Further, it seems me nice to have a program in the vein of You will only have to present. And I hope still has some solid programs for Videoland.”

On privévlak he pushes his plans are more on the long track. “I would have a time with someone to build, that seems nice. But then I must be a very clear yes feel, it must be one hundred percent correct. House-tree-animal: for me, it is much too early to think about it.”

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