Jeroen Meus: I have intense sorrow

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It’s not so good with Jeroen Meus. The cook is tired and he has in private about life where he very much grief. The always cheerful presenter and chef’s going through a difficult period and that after a period of time in which everything seemed to be.
You would think that Jeroen Meus is not a single reason to be unhappy. The past few years have been particularly intense. Daily Cost to present, write books, Good People, record, tv-stars win, get married, what should a man still have more? But occasionally also get a man like Jeroen Meus with adversity. The collapse of the Würst was one of them. Although Jeroen Meus already out of the case got, was that the news hard at him. And then there was last week the news about yet another vandalism in the home where the routine is recorded. Shards bring luck, but the broken glass was also hard. Why do people do such a thing?

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