“I hope that Cardi B her pants volschijt in public’

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Cardi B does not care about Jameela’s comment

“They have Cardi B now for the laxative effect of the ‘detox’ tea. God, I hope that all those stars their pants volschijten in public, as happens to poor women that this crap buy after their recommendations,” said Jameela. “Not that they really use it of course. They try it only to the man to take because they need more money.” When Cardi the post under eyes got, she responded with a joke. “I will never be in my pants pooping, because everywhere there are public toilets. Oh, and groves.”

Jameela Jamil says pronounced to remain

Jameela has been longer against the stars diet products, promote on social media. Previously took them out to Kim Kardashian when the realityster afslanklolly’s promoted on Instagram. In a post addressed to Kim, which she later in an interview described as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, ” she said, in part: “That money was earned with the blood and tears of young women.”

The actress stated that she is so against such products is because of her own experiences. “I was that teenager who themselves uithongerde, that all her money was paying for these miracle cures, and tips and trading of stars on how I a weight could achieve that was much lower than my body wanted. I was sick and I have this the rest of my life stofwisselingsproblemen.”

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