Guus surprised by concertideeën young fans

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Guus Meeuwis

“They have different needs, a different concentratieboog”, says Guus for the camera of the ANP over the Grand Junior Management team that consists of six children. “I know best, however, what the big people want, but kids know much better what the smaller people want.”

One of them is the eight-year-old Jules, son of Guus. “Children want to dance, jump, sing along. Just very hard to join in.” According to the young manager is that it is best if his father during the concert on Wednesday afternoon June 12 not-too-old hits to make them audible. “For children of six know that older songs still not at all.”

Special concert

At the special concert include children of all ages welcome. They may not, without assistance from within. And the same applies vice versa also. There should be no parents without a child. Incidentally, the concert also in other areas different than usual. So the sound is less hard and can find the show in the half of the hall place, ” so that everyone is comfortable’. “And I will also the text of some of the songs should go in customization,” joked Guus, that ‘everything is possible, everything is allowed atmosphere’ hopes to create.

Guus is in June for the fourteenth consecutive year with its Big with a soft G-concerts in the Philips Stadium. The junior version takes place prior to the regular shows on Friday 14, Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 June. The presale for the children’s concert will start Wednesday morning, tickets for the other shows are already on sale.

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