Grandson portrays Annie M. G. Schmidt

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“I’d prefer a good glass of white wine with her want to drink, because I have her as a child never really good to know,” says Jonathan, who was seven years old when his rebellious grandmother in 1995 died. “Fortunately, there is a lot of her and about her have been preserved.”

The grandson of the writer travels in the series itself to places that are much for his grandmother meant, such as Zeeland, Den Haag, Amsterdam and the Cote d’azur. From those places, he talks about his grandmother at the hand of songs, cabaret and musicalfragmenten, interviews, and her own memoirs, read by Loes Luca.

Rebellious teenager

The series that the AVROTROS from Tuesday evening’s broadcasting on NPO 2 begins in the village of Kapelle, where Annie in 1911 was born. Jonathan will visit the parsonage where they lived and climb the church tower of the village, just as his grandmother a century ago to discover that the world was bigger than South-Beveland. Annie was a rebellious teenager, he says. “She wears short skirts, flirts with boys and stylus to her lips.”

Jonathan, himself an artist/theatre-maker/carpenter, tells about the first friends of his grandmother and tells the story of the poor school performance of the later verhalenvertelster. “Every day, cycle Annie, six kilometres from home to the secondary school in Goes. That rotschool with worn-out teachers, as she calls it. She picks up a thick fail grades with as low a 2 for English. She stays on her nineteenth retrieves them with the heels over the ditch her final exam. That seems to me very known for,” he says in the first episode. For every anecdote there’s a song from the famous and extensive repertoire, where many generations grew up with.


“It was great to gradually find out that the attitude of rebellion, the strong urge for freedom and independence and a love for fantasy and stories like a red thread through her and my life,” says Jonathan. “I’m very fascinated hit by the path that they are in her life walked to be who she was.”

The documentary series is on new year’s eve ended with a tv-registration of the Annie M. G. Schmidt Gala earlier this month was included in the Carré. During the performance, the poems, songs, radio, television and theatre work of the famous writer over.

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