General Motors to close five factories in the U.S.

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The American car manufacturer General Motors wants with a restructuring plan by the end of 2020, about us $ 6 billion in savings. The car manufacturer is in the US 15 percent of the workforce or more than 10,000 jobs and five factories closed. The American president Trump is not happy with the large reorganisation.

The job losses would be a quarter of all management positions to take. According to the automaker, the radical cuts necessary to maintain profitability. The car manufacturer is preparing to say for a future with a greater number of fully electric vehicles. Four plants in the United States and one in Canada would by the end of next year can be closed.

GM posted over the past quarter, surprisingly good results. ‘We are taking these measures at a time when the economy is strong, ” says topvrouw Mary Barra. “The industry is changing very quickly. We want to ensure that we are well-positioned.”

The planned closures to three assembly lines in Canada and the United States and two American factories for propulsion systems. Previously announced, GM is already the closure of a factory in South Korea. The closure of two non-American factories there will be a further addition. GM also announced to stop the production of certain models of its brands Chevrolet, Cadillac and Buick.

President Trump had to know the pressure on GM to exercise to get jobs to keep the American factories that the doors would close.

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