Geluksautomaat gives wrong dollarbriefje

e3517c8f103bd88e2707559526c3e721 - Geluksautomaat gives wrong dollarbriefje

HOUSTON – A atm in Houston, Us gave notes of one hundred dollars, while a note of ten was asked.

Soon formed a huge queue for the ’geluksautomaat’.

The news about the free money ended up on social media and it went like wildfire around Texas. Soon there was a long row of cars in front of the vending machine of Bank of America, reports the local news channel KPRC. Due to a lack of patience were the thoughts of those in the queue.

The error was after a few hours by the bank discovered. A sheriff had to come in handy to people of the geluksautomaat to keep away. The incident was caused by the error loading the papers into the machine, notify the bank in a statement.

Those that there were should the money otherwise just keep. American media speak of an ’early christmas present’. “It is a pity that people are not so quick to run for a vacancy”, responds Juan Cervantes on Facebook.

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