French senaatsmedewerker suspected of spying for North Korea

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A high-ranking official of the Senate in France is suspected of spying for North Korea. The man was last weekend arrested by the French intelligence services and questioned. Monday, the public prosecutor of Paris, for him to hold.

The man, Benoît Quennedey, is suspected of gathering and delivering information to a foreign power, which make possible the interests of France can harm’, as confirmed by a judicial source, French news agency AFP.

Quennedey is according to the website of the Senate, one of the directors at the Directorate for Architecture and Heritage of the second room. He is responsible for administration and finance. At his office found a search of the place.

Quennedey has its interest for North Korea never kept hidden. He wrote several works about the regime and visited the Korean peninsula several times. The man is also president of a French-Korean association, and was past summer, performed as a North Korea “expert” on the French television. According to his social media he is active with the ultra-left party Les Radicaux de Gauche.

The president of the French Senate wanted Monday night no comments details about his arrest.

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