’End klokverzetten not for 2021’

a8fb63884c2ed222a4d1f90d9e2d735d - ’End klokverzetten not for 2021’

BRUSSELS – The plan to next year to put an end to the twice-yearly clock transitions will not receive the consent of the EU countries. The mandatory summer – and wintertijdregeling is at the earliest in april 2021 abolished, it is apparent from a progress report.

It is still the question of how long we each half a year, the clock will continue to oppose it.

A draft decision must leaving Europe for the last time on march 28, 2021 coordinated transition to daylight saving time Monday, according to insiders has not yet voted. In the consultation of the EU-transportministers revealed last month that a number of countries needs more time. Some member states want not of and that option is also still open.


Minister Cora van Nieuwenhuizen (Infrastructure) is critical of the underpinning of the proposal from the European Commission. She finds that still is not clear now what the pros and cons are. “The government considers of importance that social interests have to be carefully taken into account in the national preference and has time and space”, writes them to the Room.

In the original proposal, member states themselves may decide whether they are summer or winter time handling. Include the Netherlands and want to no difference with the surrounding countries.

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