El Chapo calls illegal with boyfriend: “I used phone for Google Translate

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NEW YORK city – drug lord Joaquin ’El Chapo’ Guzman, who terechtstaat in New York, has unauthorized contact with his wife Emma Coronel. The American prosecutor has in this respect a complaint filed with the court and wants the legal team of El Chapo get a warning.

El Chapo and his wife Emma.

Lawyers would El Chapo (61) have provided a cell phone which he and his wife would have spoken. The dreaded underworld figure is stuck under one of the strictest regimes. He should his wife for months, no hug.

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Also would Coronel are seen with a phone in a place where that’s not allowed. She had to say needed to use Google Translate the sessions to follow, because her translation equipment would not work. The court has not yet on the matter said.

In the process, probably four months going to take, is the leader of the Sinaloa cartel available for large-scale trade in cocaine, heroin, hemp and ecstasy of Mexico to the United States. The chances are that he life is judged.

In Mexico knew El Chapo already through a tunnel to escape from the prison. But in the U.S., where he joined after being extradited, the security measures to the highest level increased. He resides in a high-security cell and has almost no contact with the outside world.

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