Dina Tersago testifies on cross-border behavior

27764255736eb20b57ff9a85cfca78a8 - Dina Tersago testifies on cross-border behavior

Dina Tersago testifies in Day All about how she was a victim of unacceptable behaviour, long before the #MeToo-movement there was. At the time of her election as Miss Belgium she was regularly booked for a make an appearance and there were the men arranged about the wrote. “Then came men sometimes assume that they all could afford to because they finally had paid for my presence,” says Dina. Men who are unabashedly in her buttocks towards her on their lap, moved her slightly to firmly vastpakten at a picture,… “I was shocked, but thought it was so heard, and let me do it,” Dina Tersago.

However, she meanwhile has to learn to bite and she is happy that they subsequently in the television world, never with such behavior has been exposed.

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