David Beckham once again under fire after kiss on lips daughter

977467d1bb5ce8ee0753d6dcfa1f515c - David Beckham once again under fire after kiss on lips daughter

The innocent photo received a storm of criticism from followers who felt that a father and his daughter are not on the lips could kiss. “I don’t chelen what anyone says, it is a total failure as a father his child on the lips coast”, someone will find. “She is your daughter. Why kiss her on her lips? That is the kiss of your wife.” Another recommends an alternative. “I have a feeling that a kiss on the cheek is better than on the lips. The lips, that is just weird.”

Loyal fans defended the ex-footballer, and called the people that pointed him attacked ’sick’. “It is a beautiful picture of a loving father. Why must people something as innocent ruin?” And: “There is nothing wrong with that, if you think so, then you should find help yourself, because then you have mental gezondheidsissues. Really.” Another tells that íe even at the age of thirty, his parents still on the lips coast. “And the dearest of my friends, too.” She finds the picture of Harper with her dad David only but sooooooo pretty and sweet’.

It is not the first time that David receive criticism for such a picture. And also his wife, Victoria, was already under fire. At the time, ” he said in defence: “We want our children to show our love. We protect them, fit them and support them. It is how Victoria and I were raised and how we deal with our own children.”

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