’Dave Roelvink completely stopped smoking’

cf55de2904bbad2fd86bdc1c52225ec4 - ’Dave Roelvink completely stopped smoking’

“He smoked two packs a day, I am very proud of him”, said Dries. The court explained Dave Roelvink three weeks ago, a large fine, 40 hours of community service and a half years rijontzegging because Dave with much drink behind the wheel was crawled, and a lot of hard and dangerous had ridden. The ’enfant terrible’ promised then to better his life.

Dries Roelvink itself smoke not, he told in the interview with Sven Kockelmann. “I applaud the smoking ban in the hospitality industry is also very far”, says Roelvink. “I’ve spent years in cafés are singing that blue were of the smoke. In the hallway I dressed me then all off, and jump under the shower for that smell to come off.”

The singer calls himself “a wine lover. But I exercise quite a lot in compensation.”

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