China wants to research into engineered babies

8504838283ef847230e69725df45040d - China wants to research into engineered babies

BEIJING – The Chinese government has “immediate investigation” welded to a Chinese scientist who claims to be responsible for the birth of the first genetically engineered babies in the world. The authorities will see if the case is legally wrong, according to a statement from the National Health council.

The researcher He Jiankui got Monday, when he the birth of the baby’s made himself known, worldwide outrage and condemnation from scientists and ethicists. “Two beautiful little Chinese girls called Lulu and Nana are a couple of weeks ago, crying, and just as healthy as any other baby”, he had a video on YouTube published.

The staatskrant China Daily reported on Tuesday that the scientist has not had permission from the authorities for his experiments in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen. The university of the researcher showed Monday know that she was not aware of the experiment

According to He Jiankui was the purpose of his experiment, kids with the so-called crispr-cas technology resistant to hiv. With the method, genes can be changed, enabled or disabled, supplemented or replaced. A verified scientific publication about this procedure, there is not.

Also, Chinese researchers have criticized: “Direct experiments on humans can only be as insanely be defined”, in a letter signed by 122 researchers. The experiments are a”heavy blow to the global reputation of Chinese science.”

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