Chantal Janzen provides lachstuip with message to Mark Rutte

31d575b30529f436b1aee56f91c6d614 - Chantal Janzen provides lachstuip with message to Mark Rutte

Chantal Janzen

“Sorry Jan-Peter you called last Saturday night at 23.20. You had the weekend, and was just cold in the Small Cooldown, your phone”, she begins her story focused on Mark Rutte on Instagram. “But I was the one who after your voice mail has recorded 5 mins long. Sorry that you may have through all the noise in the background is not clear has been given for which we called, but JP and I were, in any case, not ketslam in Palladium or something, but on a benefitgala. So I thought I’d talk to you here on insta just about the result (because JP wanted your number, but it is better): Your veilingitem is out and gone for more than 15k, that is quite nice for the Antonie van Leeuwenhoek hospital in Amsterdam. And there it was. So end good all good. But so I’m sorry for the phone call in the late evening.”

Also want to Janzen still like to clarify that he made her question whether she should sleep, not too literally. “That was for a program, not that you are by all the noise in the background, a different plan is expected. Peaceout dude.” Chantal is overloaded with comments, which largely consist of nothing but laughing emoji’s.

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