’Channing Tatum owes career to Amanda Bynes’

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Channing Tatum

Amanda Bynes began her career at the age of 7 and got her own show when she was 13. Soon, she got the starring role in several films, including She’s the Man. Also, Tatum was in this movie. “I really fought for Channing in that movie,” says the actress.

“He was not yet famous and had only in an advertisement for Mountain Dew, sat down.” Despite that it is bad for a commercial, it was Bynes still impressed by his talent, and insisted that he had to play in the film. “That boy is a star, every girl will love him,” she said. But the producers were not convinced and felt he was really too old. After a long struggle, she has still her sense.

Shortly after She’s The Man was Channing role in Step Up and then he broke.

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