Cave where Thai football players imprisoned, attracts more and more visitors

8790dca713032d2d74197f22e1d5dcc5 - Cave where Thai football players imprisoned, attracts more and more visitors

Attract many tourists to the cave where last summer twelve football players and their coach forced seventeen days spent there. Soon there will also be a museum.

The whole world lived along with the young football players and their coach, who spent many days trapped in a completely unlit cave, after heavy monsoons, the impossible had made in order to leave the cave. The boys were a for a saved by divers, and the caves of Tham Luang was as a precaution, closed by the authorities.

Mid-november was the caves in the far north of Thailand re-opened to the public. And from the high numbers of visitors can be derived that a lot of tourists, then sat down to wait. Since the re-opening came more than thousands of visitors to the caves, writes The Guardian.

The cave in which the boys are forced to seventeen days to spend, it is still not accessible, but the other three caves can be explored.

There is also underway on a museum that is in the sign of the miraculous rescue operation, that also must serve as a memorial for the diver who is killed in the rescue. Different visitors also have flowers laid down at the cave, to the man to commemorate.

The local population is very satisfied with the attention to the caves. At the entrance, there are more than a hundred stalls selling souvenirs and T-shirts.

‘It has in the past repeatedly tried to lure tourists to Tham Luang, but the destination was never really popular. Now is the cave known to the world. We are not only happy with the money from the tourists, but also proud that people here want to travel to our beautiful park to see. It is a great honor for us”, says one of the sellers to The Guardian.

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We’ve been visiting Tham Luang Cave where 13th or the Wild Boar football team has been rescued! #thamluangcave #chiangrai #thailand

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