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Baba Yega is in the sea with Studio 100

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Gert Verhulst today announced that the dance group Baba Yega join Studio 100. “It was quickly clear that the Baba’s perfectly suited to Studio 100’, says Verhulst.

Baba Yega and Studio 100 have been working together for the remix of the Ploplied in 2017. During that collaboration felt Verhulst clear a click. “We are very impressed by their talent and are convinced that the combination of that talent with our knowledge and experience of fireworks will provide,” said Verhulst.

The dancers will be on december 1 and 2 occur during the Great Sinterklaasshow. Then they will concentrate on a single, and they are working on a project online.

The dance group Baba Yega was known when it, in 2016, the talent show Belgium’s Got Talent won. They were also second in Das Supertalent, the German version of the talent show. This year, they landed on Britain’s Got Talent in the semi-finals. They brought with them all of a movie and a comic.

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