American soldiers killed in Afghanistan

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KABUL – Three American were killed by an explosion of an explosive device in the Afghan provincial capital of Ghazni. Three other soldiers were wounded, writes the NATO in a statement.

American soldiers listen to a speech by Donald Trump.

The touch also became an employee of an American company, wounded. NATO gave no further details about the attack.

In the Eastern Afghan province of Ghazni is already in months of heavy fighting between the Taliban and insurgents by the Afghan army to be supported. In the area, is home to many Hazaras, a predominantly shiite minority.

The past few years, the sunni Taliban regularly attacks carried out on shia mosques and cultural centers in Ghazni. In response to this, the Hazaras militias set up.

The US and NATO are officially with their combat mission stops, but still offer support to the Afghan army. About 15,000 Us soldiers are active in Afghanistan.

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