‘Alive and kicking’ Maria Callas in Carré

e02177bed4df4d0ef164138e662bb1f6 - ‘Alive and kicking’ Maria Callas in Carré

Surprise and amazement widely of course, if the soprano after the overture of the orchestra, the stage and enter. Radiant as in her best days, in a literally dazzling white dress (which partly has to do with the driedemensionale projection). It appears from the outset, a concertvorm where pluses and minuses.

To this last category belongs the what little response from the public. Because slap you or not such a’ghost’? Callas’ hologram trusts, the gracious in receipt, whether or not applauded. Eventually it leads to a kind of clap on command.

Purely technically, it is anyway a pity that just a bit too often see is that the operaster transparent. Especially with the on and off of the stage, or when they just for those two lights at the back of the orchestra. That projection is inevitable transparency does somewhat detract from the enchantment.

However, is that there are at times indeed. Arias from Verdi’s MacBeth and Bizet’s Carmen to come over and if you even Callas’ earrings see working if they turn on then you forget occasionally that you do not eye-to-eye with. The real orchestra behind her helps also, gives the whole thing a much more human face.

All the way touch are also scarce and tastefully applied special effects that, thanks to hologram technology. In a game of cards by the soprano thrown into the air, freezes, and in super-slow motion descends, there are sounding oh’s and ah’s in the room. One moment she sings in a sea of roses on the stage, who then just as quickly digital back to be cleaned up. The options are endless, but the more tricks of course, the less credible ‘concert’.

Hologram shows like this are relatively new. Michael Jackson and 2Pac were again brought to life, while Holland Sings Hazes this year, sang André junior, as a duet with senior. It is therefore waiting for this kind of ‘concerts’ of the Beatles, Elvis, Bowie, Prince and call all the other deceased superstars. Even for the lesser gods among the performers this term eternal life. Because the wait is also, of course, at the time that this technique for home use are available. Then we can not only with holograms of ourselves and call them, but a Michael Jackson simply in your own living room to act.

Maria Callas in this way is seen to occur was the same as in mentioned in multiple respects best enchanting. But also gave fodder for thought. For how far we wish to go?

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