A roller coaster of emotions with a Lil Small

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Lil Small

The broadcast is just as the character of Jorik Scholten, such as Lil Small in the really hot, a roller coaster of hysterical moments, intense emotions and heavy decisions. Jorik enjoy visible of the landscape, the culture and all the wild animals and let you in on a huge fan of the series Earth. Nevertheless, a decision the rapper not to camp. On the first night, he has a huge ’tent’ that is equipped with all the luxuries, and also the second night he decides finally to move to a hotel.

He talks about his violent childhood, but also about how important his father is for him. What Jorik is his father, but also to compare with God. With his mother he has no more contact because they are ’things done that you don’t with a child’. He reveals that he is his biggest hit Drink & Drugs invented under the influence of MDMA, that he from the very moment that his fiancé got to know, knew that he wanted to marry her and will donate 5,000 euros to a local orphanage. Also, his girlfriend tells Jorik always the extremes. “He is very explosive and if he has had, he needs nothing more from someone. Only the growth which he, as the man is going through, I see.” She thinks he find it hard to cope with figuring out what he wants in life and what is expected of him.

The program shows an honest picture of a young, successful guy that love of his father and girlfriend loves. It is not easy, but has always known that he later ’rich and famous’ would be. He was born with a form of leukemia and has always been to fight for its existence. “There is such a different story behind that big mouth of him”, says Johnny de Mol.

And just like the character of Lil Small, the responses to the broadcast from extremes:

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