Ukrainian vessels to the port of Kerch dragged

bf858da0a18822a037e16811ccbb6cb3 - Ukrainian vessels to the port of Kerch dragged

KIEV – The three ships of the Ukrainian navy by the Russian army were taken, to the port of Kerch on the Crimea dragged. Witnesses told the Reuters news agency that the vessels on the eye is not severely damaged and that people in navy uniforms at the craft stopped.

Russia explained Sunday seized the ships of the Ukrainian navy. According to the government in Moscow carry the vessels against the restraints in through the strait of Kerch to the Sea of Azov.

Ukraine said that according to international agreements actually allowed for the Ukrainian ships by the strait of Kerch to sail. The government in Kiev reported that the Russians have failed to seize Ukrainian ships. Six members of the Ukrainian navy were injured, according to Kiev.

Western diplomats said that the Security council of the United Nations on Monday urgent consultations over the incident. That is done at the request of both Russia and Ukraine.

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